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Hi, Farent (Ferret Parent)!

Let’s face it, when it comes to your ferrets health, the last thing you want to do is scour the internet searching for an answer that may be wrong. You need a resource of the most up-to-date ferret information straight from the source.

You need community of other ferret-owners to include veterinarians, experts and professionals where you can ask questions.  A community of your peers who “get it”, who have “been there, done that”.

It’s time to end the confusion, cut through the nonsense and discover the next best thing you can do for you and your ferret.

Ferret-World acts as an information hub for all things ferret. Becoming a member provides several immediate benefits:

  • Private Facebook group (thousands of members where people share pictures, stories & share advice)
  • Vets specializing in ferrets that answer critical questions in the group
  • Digital content covering all popular topics (poop control, biting, health, everything you can imagine - built over 10+ years) easily accessible on your Ferret-World dashboard
  •  A bi-monthly edition of the Ferret-World magazine. It's packed full of information & discoveries related to ferrets. These editions are very high quality, and a full team works on designing these editions


One thing that makes Ferret-World so special is the community. The pictures, memories & stories that people share with us - and the lessons learned along the way.

We've helped hundreds of our Members become better informed on the latest science and expert-backed information on ferrets so that their ferrets live longer, happier and healthier lives.

See you inside!


Do any of these ferrety questions sound familiar?

  • How do I get my ferret to eat, and what is the optimal ferret diet”
  • “How do I know when my ferret is sick and when it’s time to take them to a doctor?”
  • “Why won’t my ferret cuddle with me?”
  • “How do I get my ferret to socialize with another ferret”
  • “Argh!  Why do my ferrets keep biting everything and how do I get them to stop”
  • “How do I keep my ferret happy and stimulated?.”
  • “There is poop everywhere, how do I litter train and find an easy way to clean my ferret’s mess”

And the question we all hate to think about…

  • “How to prepare or deal with the loss of our ferret :-(“

If this sounds familiar, don't worry – you're not alone.

Majority of ferret owners have the same questions and the membership program sole purpose is to help you get answers to this as well as connect with you with other Ferrents who have been there and dealt with that, so that you ultimately have a support group of people who “get it”.

The Ferret-World Membership Program

Ferret-World has been active for 10 years. So there's a lot of content, more than what's listed on this page. Including years of posts on Facebook where real Ferret owners ask questions and get answers by professionals.

  1. A bi-monthly subscription to the Premier Ferret Magazine, “Dook-Dook” (Valued at $120).

    Each edition features the latest news in the ferret world along with, science and research articles, solutions to common problems, community spotlights, games and more.

    Magazines are published with new content and delivered fresh off the press and straight to your inbox bimonthly. 

2. Exclusive Members Forum.

Got a question about your ferret? Ask any question you want in this non-judgemental, supportive community which is overseen by ferret experts. 

Ferret ownership can be challenging but here you will get the support and answers you need to keep your ferrets happy and healthy.

3. Join an exclusive community of over 700+ Ferret Owners to include experts, professionals, and any ferret lover.

Crowd-sourced reviews of the latest ferret product or food from your peers.

A network of farrents where friendships are made everyday, it’s like instantly connecting with other people who “get it”.

4. Access to a growing database of the latest research and up-to-date ferret education so that you can have a resource to learn, or ask questions when you run into an issue when dealing with your ferret.

Data-base is constantly being updated and edited to provide you with the latest and most up-to-date content and is not available anywhere else except inside this membership program which you can view on any device from anywhere in the world. 

Ferret-World Pricing Options & Features

*Upon purchase, you will receive login information to your Ferret-World dashboard where you will find access & download links to all your content available on all devices. (training guides, vet contact information, Facebook groups and pretty much answers to anything and everything in formats that aren't draining to consume).

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Free trial available ($67/year after)

  • Bi-Monthly Subscription to Dook Dook Ferret Magazine ($120 yearly)
  • Access to our Facebook Group with experts and fellow ferrents to answer any and all concerns and questions ($195 yearly value)
  • Access To A Database Of Up To Date Research And Educational Resources ($500 value)
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We'll include e-books covering popular topics

*Several informative e-books will be available inside your dashboard

BONUS # 1:

Poop Patrol Course ($17 value, yours FREE)


Discover How You Can Effectively Toilet Train Your Ferret Inside And Outside Of The Cage In A Matter Of Weeks.

BONUS # 2:

101 Ferret Games & Homemade Ferret Games & Toys

($7 value, yours FREE)

Keeping your ferret's mind stimulated is of utmost importance because ferrets are extremely intelligent animals. Without the proper mental stimulation they get bored and start getting into things that they are not supposed to, which is frustrating for the owner.

Learn what works best from people that dedicate their lives to taking care of Ferrets
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"The best new resource"

"Owning ferrets is a learning experience! You never ever stop learning! I have found that the best new resource is the Dook Dook Ferret Magazine. It is not only entertaining but educational as well. I would highly recommend it for anyone who owns ferrets, and anyone who is considering owning ferrets. I can't wait for it to turn up each issue. It's the best!"
- Nicole from Fuzzybutt Ferrets Tasmania.

"Has changed how I will care for my future ferrets"

"I am going to be fostering my very FIRST ferrets ever next month! I have read and researched through so many books and other sources, but the Dook Dook Ferret Magazine is by far at the top with the well known "Ferrets for Dummies". The Dook Dook Ferret Magazine has changed how I will care for my future ferrets by helping to grow my knowledge of ferret care beyond my imagination. The best thing about the magazines is the variety. Every issue is something a little different! I love the magazines because they are informative and full of never-ending fun! I would recommend it to anyone considering becoming a farent and current farents as well because you can always learn more! They also have many great and entertaining stories to read. Because of Dook Dook Ferret Magazine, I will be one of the greatest first-time farents ever and that's makes me so happy inside. Not to mention I work in a pet store, so being able to give reliable information to the community and my fellow employees is so sensational. "
- Jade Noble

"Brilliant, educational, heartwarming" 

"I just finished reading this issue. I'm a little speechless and teary from ending with ferret and runner up stories. Trying to catch my breath. This is the first edition I've read through, it's brilliant, educational, heartwarming and at points heart breaking. Thank you Stephanie, for creating and evolving Ferret-World. It's a beautiful resource." - Lora Suggs

"Been a wealth of knowledge"

"I love that Stef has shared her vast knowledge of not only how to care for ferrets, but also how to keep them entertained. We've purchased two of her ebooks (101 Ferret Games and Poop Patrol), and they've been a wealth of knowledge). Given that ferrets are a more exotic pet, it's great to have Stef as a resource." - Lorri Kessler

"I have learned more about little fuzz butts in the last 6 months than I ever thought possible"

"Another superb edition of Dook Dook Ferret Magazine. Just the right balance with the educational side, pictures, readers experiences and a little bit of fun thrown in too. I loved it and have to say I have learned more about little fuzz butts in the last 6 months than I ever thought possible and this from someone who has loved them as pets for well over a decade. Well done Stef and your team!" - Steve Suthurst

If you care about your ferret, then making sure that the information you get when it comes to their food, their care, and their treatment, can't be left up to chance or the advice of the inexperienced and good intentioned blogger or forum poster!

You need facts and answers to questions that only other ferret owners have dealt with. You need to be part of the Ferret-World Membership Program.

Ferret-World Membership Program is a comprehensive ferret resource and farrent networking community designed to help you and your ferret live the best you can, together.

Sign up today, and if you don’t absolutely love it - then get a full refund. 100% Risk-free, nothing to lose and everything to gain.

- Stephanie Warzecha, Founder of Ferret World

*No more searching for answers. Get the best information whenever you need it - instantly. 
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