101 Ferret Games and Homemade Ferret Toys eBook

Just like humans, ferrets hate being bored, and for the same reason. Boredom is dangerous because it leads to abnormal stress levels. All animals subjected to abnormal stress levels become more likely to have depressed immune systems and become ill more often. A further danger is that boredom leads to abnormal behavior. This can include chewing on things, playing in unpleasant or unhealthy environments like their litter box, or over grooming.

This is why it is important to always come up with new ways to keep your ferret mentally stimulated.

When you get this ebook and regularly play the games in this ebook with your ferret you may find:

  • Your ferret will be a lot less likely to cause trouble eg. bite, steal things, scratch at the carpet, attack the dog/cat, nip at your toes, etc (because it's intelligent and highly active mind will be satisfied with all the stimulating play).
  • A mentally stimulated ferret is a lot happier which usually means a longer, happier, more fulfilled life.
  • You will experience a greater, more loving bond with your ferret because you will be a part of all the games and will watch your ferret have fun with the toys.
  • You will find your ferret dooking and war dancing with joy more often because of all the fun it will be having.
  • Your ferret will be more likely to curl up & sleep in your lap after mentally stimulating play because you will wear him/her out with all the fun games and toys!

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