POOP PATROL: Stop Your Ferret Pooping Everywhere

Discover How You Can Effectively Toilet Train Your Ferret Inside And Outside Of The Cage In A Matter Of Weeks. It's time to bring in the turdminator...


Effectively toilet train your ferrets - effectively toilet train your ferret in a matter of weeks. 

  • Get clear on why your ferret is missing the target - Study ferret behaviour and what might be the cause of your ferrets poor toilet manners. 
  • Learn new toilet training techniques - Discover common mistakes humans make when training ferrets to use the potty and why nothing 'seems' to work. 
  • Be informed and prepared - know what you need to do to get your ferret to where you want it be!

Discover How You Can Effectively Toilet Train Your Ferret Inside And Outside Of The Cage In A Matter Of Weeks, Whether You Are a New Or More Experienced Ferrant.

  • Are you fed up with your ferret not using it's litter boxes? You've tried EVERYTHING and still nothing seems to work!
  • Are you frustrated with your ferret missing the toilet when it poo's? Leaving stinky stains, skid-marks and ruining your carpet? Sometimes even stepping in it or finding 'presents' in hard to reach places? 
  • Are you spending valuable hours cleaning up their mess, knowing that if they were potty trained things would be so much easier (and you could be spending your time on better things)?
  • Do you love your ferrets but just wish there wasn't SO MUCH POOP!!!???
  • Or...are those little devils staring you dead in the eyes while pooping in a corner that they know damn well is NOT their poop corner?

This is not what ferret ownership was meant to be about, yet it seems like you're stuck in a never ending poop cycle! You believe this is the ONLY downside to having ferrets as companions. 

You don't have time to deal with all this crap. It gives you the shits! By the time you're finished cleaning it, you're all pooped out.

You are SO OVER the ferrets shit-nanigans and being hands deep in ferretplop. 

Between scraping ferret pretzels off the carpet, scrubbing off poop stains, stepping in anal output and your friends and family (embarrassingly) finding butt fudge dollops in places you missed - you feel resigned and powerless towards the mighty ferret dookie!

You may have even found yourself shouting 'THAT AIN'T CHOCOLATE PUDDIN'! at your non-comprehending younger nieces and nephews. 

The stress of dealing with all this crapola is causing you to have poo poo platter nightmares. You toss and turn at night wondering how you can get yourself out of this vicious poop cycle...you constantly pray for a solution.

The good news is: with the right knowledge and preparation, ferrets are trainable. Now I'm giving you the choice to make your prayers come true.  

The truth is: you've got a choice right now...

You can choose to get educated, and learn the steps you've been missing so that you can tweak your ferret poopie training strategies or start off on the right foot. You get another chance to live frustration free and this is your sign of things to come right here.

Wanna know my personal ferret toilet training success story? 

Hi, my name is Stephanie Warzecha. I love ferrets.

In fact I love ferrets so much that I started a YouTube channel (over 20,000 subscribers), Facebook (nearly 40,000 people in the community) and website (over 25,000 visitors per month) about them. I've also written and published 4 highly sought after ebooks on ferret care. 

I've helped educate thousands of people every single day for the past 10 years on proper ferret husbandry and care. 

But you know what?

For a very long time I never thought that ferret potty training was possible. Like so many ferret owners I resigned to the fact that ferret toilet training belonged in the too hard basket and that poop (everywhere) was just going to be a part of life with ferrets. 

However, when I started experimenting with different training techniques over the years I discovered something incredible...

Some of them actually worked!

I then took things a step further and  interviewed good breeders, ferret handlers and ferret shelter workers on how they trained their ferrets to have good toilet manners. 

With all the knowledge I discovered that ferrets indeed can be successfully toilet trained.

The strategies I used are simple and applicable to all ferrets. They include:

  • Understanding and being able to read the ferrets behaviour and why they do things they do. 
  • Applying simple training techniques to help the ferret form a habit around using the litter box. 
  • Staying committed towards the desired end result and consistent with training. 

Now I no longer have problems with my ferret pooping in places she is not supposed to and I know that you can achieve the same results.