Warm & Fuzzy: Ferret Stories To Warm Your Heart And Soul

What magical things happen when you purchase this ebook?

  • Discover what it really means to be a ferret owner in this day and age - This is the first ebook of its kind, in the world, that focuses not just on what a ferret needs to be healthy but what it really means to be a ferret parent. 
  • Get a whole new look into the special bond ferrets and their humans have - This ebook focuses on the emotional, beautiful bonds people have with their beloved fuzzbutts and shines a new warm light on ferrets as pets. . 
  • Realise what a special magical creature the ferret actually is - The stories in this book will lead the way to slowly dissolving the nasty, unjust reputation the domestic ferret has acquired over the years. 
  • Get a first hand account of peoples experiences with ferrets from all over the world - stories and poems that will warm your heart and soul and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.